Billing Information

Covid-19 Update

Please contact Cathy Turley toll free at 888-900-8265 during regular business hours if you are having difficulty paying your bills so that we can try to prevent the accumulation of late fees on your account and to make a payment arrangement.  We will not disconnect service to customers for non-payment until further notice.

Quarterly Billing

Quarterly billing allows us to keep our water rates lower than all surrounding water districts, but there is also a downside to this practice. Customers are responsible for leaks that happen anywhere after the water passes through our meters. Billing on a monthly basis would make it easier to quickly detect abnormal water usage in order to alert our customers to the possibility of a leak, but the additional cost has convinced us that quarterly billing is the preferred approach.


We bill using a tiered rate structure in order to encourage water conservation.

Payment Options

There are several payment options that we offer to our customers. Please choose the most convenient payment option from the following choices:

  • Pay by mail
  • Pay by phone (using credit card or e-check) – call 1-888-900-8265 during regular business hours

Contact us during business hours at the number listed below for more information.